We will be announcing confirmed dealers and artists in this space. We accept vendors on a first come, first serve basis. Applications for 2015 are now closed.

tumblr_nk16mv0TyS1qg10tpo1_r1_500Kayla (amiepsychique) is an artist who has an a passion for drawing and capturing the intrinsic nature of people and animals. Most recently, she has channeled some of that energy into creating works for the Sherlock Holmes fandom.





U7MqUBRIAndrea Kendrick (azureverie) Film enthusiast. Comics Artist / Illustrator. Graduate from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Sherlockian.




tumblr_inline_nism5xbuYK1rqbs95Kelley Fesmire (anotherwellkeptsecret) has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. She’s had a deep love of fanart since she was in elementary school and has been involved in fandom for over ten years. Kelley is best known for her Sherlock fanart on her tumblr.



 Elena (The Colorful Geek)

the_progress_of_sherlock_holmes_by_foxestacado-d6oxyd2Fox Estacado specializes in fine fan art and geeky products featuring multiple fandoms, including Sherlock, Harry Potter, and The X-Files. Her high quality art-printed specialty items include limited edition prints, dog tags, pouches, tote bags, and more. Her “Ask Me About My Ship” shirts are the ultimate gifts for Johnlock, Destiel, and Thorki shippers! And if you forgot your underpants, don’t worry, Fox Estacado has you covered, with cheeky, hand-printed, Sherlock-themed undies!


amyzenAmy Zen is a self trained artist from California. Focusing on digital work, she has a penchant for bold colors and portraiture, and as a result of being in limbo between high school and college, she has quite a lot of time to focus on her craft. She got seriously into art partially because of the Sherlock fandom, and is still active in it today.



tumblr_static_4hflnp3l4yyogc8gwokocc8g8Halflock is a cephalopod enthusiast who, when he can’t be around plants, fills his time with drawing and enjoying alternative universes from many fandoms, but primarily BBC Sherlock.


tumblr_inline_nmz3qtr1Uw1rd13g0_400Inchells is an aspiring illustrator passing her time drawing cute Hobbit and Sherlock things.

tumblr_static_jordandene_tumblr_bkgrndJordan Dené is a matchmaker of sorts, first introducing and later marrying practicality and pop culture. This Brooklyn-based seamstress creates everything from Sherlock aprons to crayon bandoliers in her somewhat cramped, fabric full, studio apartment. Her work is a pitch-perfect fusion of geeky, gritty and all that is trendy.

Kami (MsAether) and Mixy (MCXI) are an illustrator-designer and crime-fighting duo from Toronto, Canada.


tumblr_mzhqdi7Gzr1renx57o1_1280Lily Yang Art – An illustration graduate with a soft spot for detective and mystery shows of all kinds. Favors drawing animals, people, and the occasional piece of furniture.





tumblr_static_mazikeenstudiosnewbannerfinalMazikeen Studios is an artisan owned and operated, fandom-centric jewelry business. Currently our Etsy shop features 120+ different fandom friendly jewelry designs, plus we curate our convention tables to include designs that are not available online and specifically chosen for the convention theme! We also love to do 100% unique and original multi-fandom custom orders, created specifically for and with our buyers. We have dozens of different designs for Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal, the Whedonverse, and many other fandoms. Jewelry designs include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and keychains for those who like baubles but aren’t into self-accessorizing.


tumblr_inline_n8xstshtGb1qi6xpdStitchy (aka Stitchlock/Buneesi on tumblr) is a rabid- err… rabbit fan of Sherlock Holmes, and is well known for her cuddly creations in the Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Marvel Universes. Raised by clowns and educated as costume designer, Stitchy currently runs The Stitchy Button fulltime as a pan-fandom craft professional. When she’s not sewing Holmeses of every iteration, she’s writing comics, fics, and drawing AU art in the BBC ‘verse.


sakibatchSakibatch is a freelance artist as well as an art college major who travels sometimes. She’s stupidly in love with BBC Sherlock and Cumberbatch, which is what her artwork usually centers around, but other fandoms squeeze their way in. She sells prints, buttons, and stickers and is always open for commissions! Come say hello!




geekiliciousElise Jimenez is the owner and creator of Geekilicious, a shop full of accessories and apparel for everyone’s inner fangirl or fanboy.




Consulting Fangeeks 

BeaBug’s Hats sells fandom-based as well as unique crocheted hats. Currently, the fandoms for which hats are offered include Sherlock, Harry Potter (house color hats), My Little Pony, Star Trek, Avengers, and Kitty Burrough’s The Posterchildren. There are also individual hats from other fandoms, such as Despicable Me, Firefly, and The Fault in Our Stars. Any hat that is not based on a fandom is made from a unique design, and so they are truly one-of-a-kind! I also sell some other crocheted items, such as fingerless gloves and hair clips.

Pookie and Pounce Studios is the creation of Liz Kindschy, an elementary school music teacher. She began painting as a creative way to display her love of geeky quotes, and began selling her art soon after. Her artwork draws from many classic geek sources, including Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Firefly.

James Carlopio is the author of Sherlock Holmes and the July Crisis. If you think you have read all the Sherlock Holmes stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote, then think again! There is a new one you most likely have not yet read. ‘Oh no,’ you say. ‘That is impossible!’ It is not impossible, it is just a mystery … for now. So here is the challenge: How can it be possible that there is a new Sherlock Holmes mystery actually written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Hint … or at least using ACD’s words)?