Below is a sampling of programming from our August 16, 2014 event. 

Programming and Panels – GridLOCK DC 2014

  • Elementary (CBS)
  • Pastiche & Fanfiction
  • Roleplaying
  • Canon 101
  • Influences of canon and adaptations on BBC’s Sherlock
  • Psychoanalyzing Sherlock Holmes
  • AUs & Crossovers in Fandom
  • Fanon & Headcanons
  • Sherlockian Women
  • Q&A with Angela Misri, author of the Portia Adams Adventures
  • Fan Studies with makokitten and acafanmom
  • AbundantlyQueer’s War History
  • Edward Robinson: Fact vs. Fiction in TV Crime and Real-Life Crime Scenes
  • Screening: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes Pub Trivia Lunch Hour
  • Potterlock with DrinkingCocoa. Harry Potter and the Reichenbach Fall:  What happens when we analyze the characters and narrative arcs of BBC Sherlock through a Potterverse interpretive lens?  Does it shed light on the Sherlock-Moriarty dynamic to read the rooftop showdown as a version of the Final Battle between Harry and Voldemort?  If we read Mary Morstan as a version of Snape, can it help us make sense of her motivations and predict where her story is going? Sorting Sherlock:  Audience participation time!  What House do you think each character belongs in?