Our 2015 panelist application is now live!

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Find a complete list of panel programming and apply to be a panelist at GridLOCK DC 2015 here!

Note: panels and programming are subject to change without notice.

The panels listed on our website are currently the only programming open to outside panelists.

A sampling of current programming open to outside panelists:

  • The Evolving Landscape of Sherlockian Online Communities
  • The four Violets as stereotypes of Victorian womanhood
  • Heredity, atavism and anthropology, an uncomfortable theme in the Canon
  • Wearing Fandom On Your Sleeve: Engaging Fandom through Cosplay
  • The Game’s Afoot: Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare
  • Ink in Canon and Fandom: A Discussion on Tattoos
  • Healing and Recovery in Elementary
  • Sherlock Holmes in Pennsylvania, or, what really happened in the Valley of Fear
  • Sebastian Moran, the Second Most Dangerous Man in London

Find more here!

Panelist applications close June 21, 2015.