“Data! Data! Data!” he cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”

-The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

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Programming for GridLOCK DC 2015

Traditional Sherlockiana and Holmesian Discussions

  • Societal and Problematic Issues in the Holmesian Canon
  • The Game’s Afoot: Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare
    • Sherlock Holmes references Shakespeare several times in the Canon. What was the Bard’s influence on Conan Doyle, and indeed, on Holmes? Do we really think he was as ignorant of some topics as Watson claimed?
  • The four Violets as stereotypes of Victorian womanhood
  • Unforgettable Characters in Holmesian Canon
    • An arrogant king, the dog that did nothing in the night-time, a woman followed on her bicycle by a creepy man, a man who copies an encyclopedia–part of what has made the Canon so enduring, beyond the loyal friendship of Holmes and Watson, are its memorable characters. Find out more about the eccentric, the endearing, and the entertaining offbeat characters.
  • The Greatest of Granada 
    • Panelists discuss and debate which episodes of The Granada Holmes series are the “top ten” no-miss episodes, with their rationales for their picks, and any behind the scenes anecdotes or other “color commentary” to make the viewing of the episodes a richer experience. What eps get multiple thumbs-up from more than one panelist? Which cause the greatest (friendly) debate? Audience members weigh in as well.
  • Queer readings of Canon
    • Queer theory as applied to readings of the Holmesian canon
  • Sherlock Holmes in Pennsylvania, or, what really happened in the Valley of Fear
  • Holmes on the Radio
    • From Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce to Clive Merrison and Michael Williams: Holmes on the radio.
  • Canon 101
  • John Watson, the Unreliable Narrator


  • McKellen’s Mr. Holmes
    • With the feature film Mr Holmes set to debut on July 17, let’s discuss how the esteemed McKellen portrays our deathless sleuth. What prior roles did McKellen reference in his portrayal? Is his Holmes anything like our current modern trio- Cumberbatch, RDJ, and Miller? What aspects of the novel’s Holmes did he emphasize?
  • Discussing the Met Detectives (and others at Scotland Yard)
  • “You’ve Always Counted”: Women In BBC Sherlock
  • The Sherlock Special #spoilers and #setlock (with Three Patch Podcast)
  • Going Wilde in 221B
    • Exploring Oscar Wilde’s influence on BBC Sherlock, including analysis of TSoT (green carnations!), Myrcoft’s/Sherlock’s/Moriarty’s characterization, predictions for series 4, ACD’s historic relationship with Wilde, Wilde’s contributions to literary canon and the connotations of a modern show being influenced by Wilde.

Sherlockian Fandom and Fan Related Panels

    • John Making Tea: Fandom Tropes
      • What are our most common (and occasionally false!) tropes in headcanon and fanficiton? Why are they important to us, and why do they endure? What AU concepts are particularly powerful with this fandom? What is the value of fanon within the context of Sherlock? (Inspired by: that week the internet realized John never makes Sherlock tea and promptly lost its mind a little.)
    • Novel Length Fanfiction: The Process
    • Wearing Fandom On Your Sleeve: Engaging Fandom through Cosplay
      • With the proliferation of businesses  catering to geek crowds who like to wear their fandom, cosplay has become more and more popular at conventions. This panel seeks to talk about both what cosplay is and how to cosplay, as well as some helpful tips as to how to get started cosplaying.
    • #Setlock and Sherlock Holmes London Travel Guide
    • Neurodiversity in Sherlock
    • Ink in Canon and Fandom: A Discussion on Tattoos
      • A discussion on tattoos in Canon and modern day Sherlock Holmes adaptations including BBC Sherlock and Elementary. In addition, let’s talk about our own Sherlock Holmes inspired tattoos. Why we got them, why we chose to put them where we did, and more. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!
    • Just tea for me, thanks
      • Discussion of the worlds most popular beverage (tea) and how it relates to our favorite detective and his boswell/blogger. Talk to include instances of tea taking in the Canon as well as BBC Sherlock and Elementary. Plus, talk of fandom blends on Adagio.com.
    • The Evolving Landscape of Sherlockian Online Communities
      • Since the advent of the Internet, there has been a Sherlockian presence in one form or another. There have been (and still are) list-serves, Yahoo groups, blogs and message boards/forums. As technology and social media expands and improves, let’s discuss the ways in which Sherlockians virtually gather have expanded and improved.
    • Trans Issues in Fandom
    • Podficcing Basics
      • Ann introduction to podficcing, with information about recording equipment/software, advice for selecting fics and some beginner’s mistakes to avoid, as well as a live reading. Audience participation encouraged! 
    • Roleplay vs. Fanfiction
    • Adaptations, from page to screen

 Related Fandom Programming and Discussions

  • Oxfords, not Brogues: Kingsman and To Become a Kingsman 
    • A discussion on the popular new Matthew Vaughn film- its Mark Millar graphic novel origins, nods to old spy films (Bond, Get Smart), potential crossover with Sherlock (Mycroft does seem rather fond of that umbrella), and suits galore!
  • After Zurich: transformative works in the Cabin Pressure Fandom
  • MCU: Films, Network, and Netflix

Spies Like Us

  • Bondlock and Mi6
  • No Commies and No Queers: Exploring Queerness and Espionage in Media
    • Some reviewers have compared the energy of BBC Sherlock to that of a spy movie, and spying elements are pervasive, from Mycroft’s entire existence to tropes like investigation, disguising yourself to break into a military base, and more.
      How do spy stories treat queerness? Topics of potential exploration include queerness-because-required-by-job vs. innate queerness in spies, queerness and betrayal (especially in the “untrustworthy bisexual” trope as explored in, for instance, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY), queerness and masculinity (as seen in the hints of queerness around the traditionally macho James Bond in SKYFALL and the somewhat camp mannerisms of Bondian stand-in Harry Hart in recent blockbuster KINGSMAN), the parallels between spying and queerness (having multiple fronts to show to the world, living in an under-the-table manner, etc), queer spies as heroes and queer spies as antagonists/villains, and more.

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