Workshop: Creating Original Characters

Story is about characters. What they want, what they do, what they can’t do, what they need. Good characters shape the story. They push the plot around, creating tension and release, describing the space around them and carrying the goals of the writer on their shoulders.

Creating new characters is about more than filling in a series of life facts and colour preferences. Creating new characters is about inventing the way a character talks, thinks, responds, and affects the plot. And creating new characters within fanfic universes can provide another perspective with which to tell the story. Besides which: the creator gets the ultimate say in modeling a character specifically for that story, a character who looks, sounds, and shapes the narrative exactly how they need it. And who wouldn’t want that?

In this workshop, writers will work with Bran Mydwynter to create a new character or fine-tune an existing one. Let Bran use his experience inventing countless characters—both for original, published stories and for fanfic—to help you breathe life into an existing fanfic universe, and craft a well-rounded story that’s fresh and memorable and different.