GridLOCK DC volunteers are integral to the smooth operation of our event. Volunteers assist staff, vendors, panelists, and attendees during our event.

Volunteer shifts run in 4 hour segments, and each volunteerĀ gets a discounted membership for the event as well a goodie bag.

Below are the policies for all volunteers of GridLOCK DC 2015. Policies will be strictly enforced.

*All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.
*Volunteers are required to work at least one 4 hour shift throughout the weekend.
*All volunteers must wear their badge with the volunteer ribbon displayed at all times.
*Volunteers should act in the best interest of GridLOCK by respecting attendees, the property of the convention site, fellow volunteers and staff, as well as promoting a safe and healthy environment.
*Volunteers must refrain from any deliberate acts that may create a dangerous or unhealthy situation during the convention. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive alcohol consumption, or illegal drug use before a volunteer shift, threatening or assaulting behavior as well as other risky behavior.
*Volunteers will perform their duties to the best of their abilities.
*Volunteers are responsible for making sure that their clothing and footwear are appropriate for the duration of their shift. Volunteers may often spend a lot of time on their feet, so please plan accordingly.
*Volunteers must familiarize themselves with all of GridLOCK’s policies and procedures (found on our website) and abide by the policies and procedures at all times.
*Volunteers will not use their status to promote or conduct personal business.
*Volunteers are not permitted to bring minor children with them during their shift, unless there is another person present to care for the child.
*Volunteers are not permitted to represent themselves as GridLOCK staff or make official statements on behalf of GridLOCK.
*Gridlock Convention, Inc. reserves the right to revoke or refuse any registration form and to remove any volunteer from the event at any time.
*Gridlock Convention, Inc. has complete power over the event and all rules and regulations.

Apply here to be a volunteer for GridLOCK DC 2015!